Sierra Auction is open to the Public, and we welcome buyers from around the world.  If you’d like to know when or where our auctions are held, please click on our CALENDAR for an up-to-date listing of upcoming auction events.

If you’d like to see a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers, please follow this link to our FAQ’s.

Sierra Auction holds New Bidders Seminar at approximately 7:15am on the Saturdays of our Auctions, please RSVP by emailing Ada Amador

We have posted a video seminar on how to successfully bid and buy at Sierra Auction.  Please click on the word VIDEO.

You can make your deposit using your credit card;
just walk away if you do not buy anything, no lines….and it is FREE!

• There is NO charge of fees to use your credit card authorization for your deposit! – If you don’t win any auction items just walk away and your credit card authorization automatically drops off (7 – 21+ days, actual timing is subject to your credit card issuer).

• Auto deposit $500; Merchandise Deposit $200 (covers costs if items remain unpaid).

• If you win auction items… Payments made in Cash or Cashier’s Check, Debit Card or Direct Deposit are subject to a discounted Buyer’s Premium of 12%. (Credit Cards cannot be used on Vehicles). There is a 15% Buyer’s Premium on all purchases paid using a credit card.

• You may NOT use your credit card to purchase titled vehicles.

• Per the Terms and Conditions of the Bidder Contract you authorize Sierra (Auctioneer) to retain your deposit in the event you fail to pay for the items you purchased. If you do not pay for all the items for which you were the successful bidder by the 5th calendar day following the auction, Auctioneer will charge your credit card for the entire deposit amount. Auctioneer retains all it rights to charge late and storage fees and bidder will be liable for all costs and losses suffered due to Bidder breach. Auctioneer retains the right to sue Bidder for specific performance for Bidders breach of contract.

• By placing a credit card authorization deposit you acknowledge and agree to these revised terms and conditions to the Bidder Contract. If you have any questions please see a Sierra Management representation. You may always use cash to make your deposit.

NO CHILDREN under age 13 allowed on the premises during any auction related event for safety reasons.

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